The Washington Drug Free Youth (WDFY) Club will be having
sss feed during the fb game against Reardan on
Friday, October 31 from 6:00 PM to the end of the 3rd quarter.
ALL proceeds go to their club activities.
What is WDFY?  Students who choose to participate in this program
pledge to stay drug and alcohol free. This program is overseen by the Davenport
Schools, Lincoln County Hospital and Lincoln County Drug and Alcohol.
THIS is also the SENIOR boys final home hn game. 
It's a full evening of activities - JOIN the fun!

Leslie Schweiger's Art Class (currently on display in the high school)
(click on the i in the top left for names)
The class assignment was the following:
1) That students produce a variety of types and qualities of line,
2) The students used a variety of color combinations using different mediums,
3) The students describe how they created patterns using the repetition of lines.




2014-2015 District Calendar
Davenport School District
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Davenport High School
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Davenport Middle School
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Davenport Elementary School
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