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     Providing Options and Opportunities and creating a future full of Endless Possibilities for Every Student, Every Day are more than just rallying cries and slogans at the Davenport School District. They are a way of life for DSD educators who have made it their mission to create options and opportunities, so that their students receive a well-rounded and competitive education. One might associate small and rural schools with a lack of class offerings compared to their urban counterparts, but as the mighty Gorillas of Davenport are proving through their Advanced Placement (AP), College in the High School, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), and Satellite Skill Center classes, a student’s education in an agriculturally-based community is just as powerful and competitive as any school system in our state!

     Davenport High School was recently ranked as the 29th best high school in the state of Washington and #4 among Schools in Eastern Washington, according to the U.S. News and World Report college readiness index score, a compilation of state assessment performance, graduation rates, and Advanced Placement opportunities.

     Davenport High School boasts a 97% graduation rate for the 2016 and 2017 classes and is on track for another successful year in 2018. We have been making steady gains academically for some time as referenced by the Washington State Achievement Awards, School of Distinction honors, and the U.S. News recognition. In 2017-18, Davenport High School offered eight AP courses and administered 10 different AP exams.  Many of these AP courses are run concurrently with Davenport’s 10 College in the High School courses offered through a partnership with both Eastern Washington and Central Washington Universities. Davenport students have the opportunity to earn up to 48 college credits through College in the High School alone, with the potential for even more credit awarded through AP exam score results.

     Although we are proud of our academic rigor, DSD educators realize students represent so much more than just a test score. That’s why there has been a recent focus on “Infusing Career-Readiness Opportunities” throughout our K-12 system. Elementary students now have the option to take Project Lead the Way Launch classes that expose students to the world of Computer Science, Engineering, and Biomedical Science pathways at a very early age. Davenport Middle School continues the pathway exploration by offering Energy and the Environment, Green Architecture, Robotics, and Medical Detectives. Finally, at the high school level, students have the opportunity to experience Introduction to Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, and Civil Engineering and Architecture.

     If that was not enough, Davenport (in partnership with Lincoln Hospital and Spokane School District) offers two Satellite Skill Center courses in the form of Construction Trades and Certified Nursing Assistant (NAC) classes. Students have the opportunity to earn industry certification and high school credit while gaining real-world skills that are immediately transferable in the career field. Further, our local businesses have been an outstanding partner in creating internship opportunities for our students through the “Jobs for Washington” graduates program where students spend spring semester practicing job skills in the workplace.

     Even with all of the “big-school” resources, Davenport still offers small class sizes where students receive extra one-on-one time with teachers and staff. In a recent senior exit survey, students overwhelmingly listed this as a positive in their school experience. Lastly, Davenport students have the option to join our multiple sports programs and to participate in a variety of clubs from Swing Choir to Washington Drug-free Youth (WDFY).  In small schools, it takes everyone to participate in everything to make it all work. Many of our students take numerous AP classes and are members of multiple clubs, all while playing three sports.

    Being involved and connected to their school is a big reason why students are succeeding in the Davenport School District. Academic offerings are only a part of educating the “whole child.” Our focus on social/emotional learning and implementation of Character Strong and the PACE Character Trait of the month programs further exemplifies what it means to receive a well-rounded education.  

     The recent U.S. News rankings is recognition that our ongoing efforts to provide Options and Opportunities and Endless Possibilities for Every Student, Every Day are truly benefiting the kids and families we serve and truly brings meaning to our saying, “Once a gorilla, always a gorilla.”


    Elementary School:

    • School of Distinction 2015
    • Washington State Achievement Award 2014 “High Progress”


    Middle School:

    • School of Distinction 2017



    • Washington State Achievement Award 2015 “Math Growth”
    • Washington State Achievement Award 2016 “Math Growth”



    Kody Foley, Cameron Sams, and Sean Burt put the finishing touches on the new Pre-K storage shed during Construction Trades class.


    Davenport staff meets to set up Response to Intervention time in order to meet their student’s academic needs. The dedication of the staff is a big reason why Davenport Middle School was recently identified as a 2017 School of Distinction!



    Connor, Sam, Evan, Alder, Brennick, and Gunner greet people at the door on another Gorilla Friday!



    Davenport staff and students greet people coming into the building this fall! #TEAMGORILLA



    GOT CHARACTER? These Davenport K-5 students sure do! Thank you Traci Linstrum “Some Like It Hot” for your continued support of our schools and students!




    Jaynie and Haley explore DNA during their 9th grade Intro to Bio-Science class!

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