• In 2013 the Foundation for Davenport Schools awarded these scholarships:

    ·         Foundation for Davenport Schools Scholarships
    ·         Jake Booth Memorial Scholarship

    ·         Memorial Scholarships 

    ·         Ron and Margaret Barbee Scholarships


    The Foundation works in partnership with the following entities to provide local scholarships:
               ·        Ag Link Inc. 

    ·        Dale Wilson Committee

    ·      McCallum Family
               ·        Walt & Sugar Kik Family
     2011 Scholarship Recipients                                       Scholarship Awarded
    • Ashley B. -  Washington State University                 Memorial Scholarship
    • Lexie B. –  Spokane Community College                   Jake Booth Memorial Scholarship
    • Kaycee L. –  Eastern Washington University            Foundation Scholarship
    • Dana N. –  Corban University (OR)                            Memorial Scholarship
    • Brilee M. –  Carroll College (MT)                                 Ron & Margaret Barbee Scholarship
    • Cheyenne P. –  Washington State University            McCallum Family Scholarship
    • Matthew R. –  Carroll College (MT)                            Ag Link Inc. Scholarship
    • Peter R. –  University of Idaho                                   Ron & Margaret Barbee Scholarship
    • Samantha S.– Spokane Falls Community College      Foundation Scholarship
    • Lindsey S. – Eastern Washington University            Memorial Scholarship
    • Madison T.Spokane Falls Community College        Foundation Scholarship

    2010 Scholarship Recipients

    • Alysha B. – Washington State University                   Foundation Scholarship
    • James C. – Spokane Falls Community College           Jake Booth Memorial Scholarship
    • Rachel E. – Washington State University                   Ron Barbee Scholarship +                                                                                           McCallum Family Scholarship
    • Jarod G. – Eastern Washington University                 Foundation Scholarship
    • Cody H. – Carroll College (MT)                                   Memorial Scholarship
    • Jordan S. – Eastern Washington University               Ron Barbee Scholarship
    • Jennifer T. – Spokane Falls Community College         Memorial Scholarship
    • Shelby T. – North Idaho College                                Ag Link Inc. Scholarship


    2009 Scholarship Recipients

    • Courtney E. – Whitworth University                           Memorial Scholarship
    • Ilea G. – Worchester Polytechnic Institute                 Foundation Scholarship
    • Mariah M. – University of Idaho                                 Foundation Scholarship
    • Miranda M. – Gonzaga University                               Foundation Scholarship +                                                                                                                McCallum Family Scholarship
    • Shae P. - Eastern Washington University                  Jake Booth Memorial Scholarship                                                                                            (exception approved)
    • Victoria W. – Whitworth University                            Foundation Scholarship + Ag Link Inc. Scholarship
    • Justin W. – Eastern Washington University               Foundation Scholarship


    2008 Dollars for Scholars Recipients

    ·         Tyler B. - University of Idaho

    ·         Jennifer C - Eastern Washington University

    ·         Anne G. - Spokane Community College

    ·         Niccole M.- Eastern Washington Universtiy

    ·         Janelle O. - Yakima Valley Community College

    ·         Forrest R. - Spokane Community College               Jake Booth Memorial Scholarship

    ·         Kelly R. - Eastern Washington University

    ·         Cassandra S. - Spokane Falls Community College

    ·         Danielle V. - Central College (Iowa)                        Dollars for Scholars + McCallum Family Scholarship

    ·         Donald 'Alex' Z.- Washington State University


    2007 Foundation for Davenport Schools/
             Dollars for Scholars Recipients:                         Graduation date, school, degree

    ·         Kayleigh F. - Wenatchee Valley College                  Dec.  2011, WSU, Soil Science

    ·         Ashley H. - Gonzaga University                              May  2011, Gonzaga, Art and Spanish
    ·         Denise H. - Spokane Community College                June 2011, EWU, Criminal Justice

    ·         Karissa M. - Washington State University                May  2011, WSU, Nursing

    ·         Tracy R. - Eastern Washington University               June 2012, UW, Communications & Media

    ·         James S. - Seattle University                                   June 2011, SU, Finance and Business Management


    2006 Recipient

    • Emily B. – Foundation Scholarship.  "I was honored to be the first recipient of a Foundation Scholarship.  I completed a year at both Eastern Washington University and Spokane Falls Community College then decided to attend Spokane Community College for the dental assisting program.  I now work at Dental Clinique for Dr. Priti Bhat and love my career.  I plan on furthering my education and getting a degree in musical theater in the near future."