The majority of the Foundation's donations are contributed by alumni, current and former residents, and caring people.  You may choose to provide a gift for a specific project, your choice of scholarships, an undesignated gift that can be used to meet other educational needs, or for the Foundation's Endowment Fund.

         The Foundation can accept a variety of donations and has received property, stocks, % of an estate, matching donations from employers, cash, and memorial contributions.  
         We are happy to provide donors with our 501(c)3 information.    
    • Contributions can be mailed to                                                                                             The Foundation for Davenport Schools, PO Box 196 , Davenport, WA  99122
    • PayPal   http://www.paypal.com    If you have an existing PayPal account, you can log onto PayPal,    select the "Send Money" tab,  email address kbarbee.ffds@yahoo.com,  enter the amount of your donation,  then select the "continue" button.


    • For estate and stock information - please contact Ken Carpenter, JD, at Carpenter, McGuire & DeWulf, PS;  PO Box 471;  Davenport, WA  99122; or phone: 509-725-4100 or email:  kcarpenter@cmd-lawfirm.com


        If you have an existing scholarship and would like assistance with its fund management or determining a recipient, we would be happy to assist. 
        To set up a new scholarship or to provide a grant for classrooms there are many options available to you.  Share with us your ideas and we will help you reach your goal. 

       For information and assistance, please contact any board member at   https://www.davenport.wednet.edu/site/Default.aspx?PageID=19