• Welcome to 4th Grade

    homeworkWELCOME TO 4TH GRADE!bring a back-pack


    Dear 4th grade parents/guardians,



    I hope this will be a wonderful year of growth and challenge for your child.  You may have some questions, so I will try to anticipate those and address them below.


    HOMEWORK: AT-HOME-READING and spelling words are sent home every Monday. This is to be returned the following Monday. Spelling tests are on Mondays. Students have plenty of time to finish daily work at school if they use their time wisely.  Sometimes they will have projects and reports to do at home too.   Our policy on homework is this.    

    If you would like to help your child improve on the MAP, or SBAC   tests there are websites listed on my home page.  Practice reading with your child to check for their fluency  and ask them questions about what they have read to help check for comprehension.

    STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Each student is assigned a special week.  If your child wishes to celebrate a birthday at school with a snack, that is great! Students may bring some photos to hang on the board. I also invite parents to come in that week to share about their careers, hobbies or do a project with the class.  I hope you will be able to come to class and share with us! Also, during this week your child will bring home a brief case with

    CHARACTER EDUCATION: Love and Logic.  the book: "The Essential 55" and the PACE program is school wide.

    FIELD TRIPS: We have several throughout the year.  Permission slips will be sent home and these must be signed and returned in order for the student to attend. 

    LOCKERS:  4th graders have lockers.  They may hang things up with magnets, not tape.  Locks are fine if they know the combination or provide Ms. Lyle with an extra key, but most students find it is more hassle than it’s worth.

    School Wide Assessments:  The MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) is given 3 times a year. It tests reading and math. This test is not timed.   It is taken on the computer.  The SBAC  is the state test and is given in May.  It tests Reading, Math and Writing.  It is not timed.  Typing skills are very important for this.  We  have a program set up to learn typing in school, but more time practicing at home certainly helps.  Your child will bring home information about it.

    P.E. SHOES: All students need “inside” P.E. shoes during the winter. Outside tennis shoes are fine for the other seasons.  If your child wears sandals or another type of school shoe, please be sure to send an extra “outside” pair which can also be left at school for P.E.   Reminder: Flip-flops, and sandals are dangerous for recess and P.E.

    HOME-READING PROGRAM:  Parents often ask, “What can I do to help my child at home?”  Encourage them to read!   Several years ago I started a home reading program where students read the number of minutes of the year.  This year it is “READ 2020.”   Those who complete the 2020 minutes before the end of the year earn a party and  prizes!.  Students will keep track of their minutes for the week on a form Ms. Lyle sends home.  These are due every Monday-100 minutes per week!

    DONATIONS:  We have a prize drawer.  If you have fun items, (new or used-“white elephant”) we accept donations!   Small healthy snacks are accepted also. THANK YOU!  We also need an abundant supply of "baby wipes" for hands, keyboards, desk tops and helping keep the colds and flu away! Also, double A batteries are appreciated. 

    ACCELERATED READER: Our school has a program called “A.R.”  Students read books with a computerized test.  We keep track of their points on the computer.  Not all of our books have tests, but for those that do, the children enjoy the challenge of the test. 

     DISCIPLINE:  Our classroom uses the “Love and Logic” approach where students are given choices and are responsible for their decisions.  (check out www.loveandlogic.com)  I attended a Love and Logic Training in Denver CO. and shared this with our staff.  We use positive reinforcement in the classroom.  We have a “Peace Corner”, where they can go to calm down or have quiet time.  As 4th graders, we pride ourselves with acting responsibly around school.  Good behavior is expected in all classrooms, lunchroom, playground, hallways and respecting other students and adults.  Our school has a “zero-tolerance” policy on bullying and harassment.  Our classroom has a “zero-tolerance” policy on whining, throwing fits, tattling and put-downs. 

    POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: Students in my class receive “bubble charts.”  Students receive compliments for good choices and fill out bubbles as the teacher instructs. They also learn how to give each other compliments. 

    CLASS PLEDGE: Each morning we say our class-pledge.  It is a nice reminder of how to treat others and how to be a good example for others.

    MANNERS MATTER: In our classroom we believe good manners matter! (saying “please, thank you, and excuse me.” Listening without interrupting, being polite in other areas of the school…..)

    HOLIDAY PARTIES: Students in 4th grade love to plan their holiday parties! They will bring home a note about what to bring.  Thank you!

    OFFICE POLICY: ALL VISITORS must check in at the. office. The secretary will call the classroom teacher.  Please be sure that your plans for your child are set before school so they know what to do and where they are to go after school.  This avoids classroom interruptions and last minute confusion for a child!  Thank you very much!



    Looking forward to a great year,

    Ms. Lyle  :-)




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