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                   I hope you have had a fantastic summer! Bring your smiles on August 28,2019! Did you read some good books this summer and memorize all those multiplication facts so you'll be extra ready for 4th grade?
                Our classroom is on the west side of the grade school building facing 7th street.

                Remember, in your 3rd grade report card envelope, you received a supply list and a challenge for learning your multiplication facts so well you know them by heart.  Hopefully you have success finding all the supplies you will need for 4th grade. (PRE-sharpened pencils, loose paper-wide rule (put it in your notebook before you come the first day of school), 3 spiral notebooks, several folders (one for homework), tip erasers, a 1 inch binder, crayons or markers, scissors, small Elmer’s glue) (no trapper keepers or large 3 ringed binders please)

    On the first day of school please bring any (small) item from your summer memories to share with the class. (picture, postcard, seashells, nature items).  Please bring a book to read at school during silent reading time. You’ll be outside for P.E. so be sure and bring appropriate shoes for P.E. One item we need donated is Baby Wipes, etc.   If you are able to help, just bring them to school. Also, the first couple days of school get a little long, so if any of you would like to bring a healthy snack to share with the class those days, we’d appreciate it. (We have 23 in our class this year.) You may also want to keep a water bottle in your locker.

    Remember to bring a backpack each day for your supplies. I will provide an art box for your materials-you won’t need a pencil box.   Please be sure your name is on everything!


                                 See you soon,
                                 Ms. Lyle






Last Modified on June 13, 2019