SCIENCE KITS- May be modified this year due to teaching a looped class.
    1. Motion and Design (Kinex)
    2. Landform (Erosion)
    3. Electricity (Basic Wireing)
    4. Life Science (Frogs and Fiddler Crabs)
    READING :  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    Transforming Teacher-led Instruction
     Whole group & Small Group Instruction
    *All Journeys assessments are correlated to the
     Common Core State Standards
    Other Literature Books:
    1. A Horse's Tale
    2. Because of Winn Dixie
    3. Family Under the Bridge
    4. Tale of Despereaux



    The curriculum Focal Points identify key mathematical ideas for this grade.  They are not discrete topics or a checklist to be mastered; rather, they provide a framework for the majority of instruction at a particular grade level and the foundation for future mathematics study. 
    1. Multi-digit Multiplication and Division
    2. Algebraic Sense
    3. Probability and Statistics
    4. Geometry
    5. Money, Fractions, and Time
    math person
     Social Studies:  Washington Past and Present
    world peace
    1. The Land
    2. The People
    3. The History                   


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