Thursday, April 2   12:30 PM - 2:50 PM
    Grades 9-12
    The goal of Career Day is to expose our students to some of the endless possibilities that they can pursue after high school graduation.   Speakers have been asked to prepare for four, 20 minute sessions that include descriptions of their career, discussion on the training required for that career, what their day-to-day looks like in their profession, as well as leaving time for questions and answers.
    Career Day will begin with all students meeting in the HS Auditorium for a kick off that includes a speech and short video made by the Leadership Class, and then a keynote address by DHS Alumni Dr. Rachae Bell.  Students will then receive their schedule for the rest of the afternoon.
    The speakers coming are... 
    Matthew Johnson - Lawyer     
    Mike Van Pevenage - Physical Therapist
    Scott Halme - Contractor
    Jarod Savage - SERE Specialist (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)
    Cecil Jackson - Coach (Speed and Explosion Development)
    Mary Lasalle - Cosmetologist
    Rache Bell - Chiropractor
    Sergeant Jack Rosenthal - SWAT
    Ron Appel - ER Doctor
    Thank you!
Last Modified on July 18, 2018