Foundation for Davenport Schools
    P.O. Box 196
    Davenport WA, 99122

    The Foundation for Davenport Schools was formed in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to enhance the cultural, educational, and operational conditions of Davenport School District.



    Who Are We?

         The Foundation is a grass-roots organization whose mission is to develop and provide community based support to strengthen the academic, cultural and scholarship opportunities for Davenport School District students and staff.  The board of directors are volunteers who have made a commitment to donate their time and talents to the foundation. 
         As a public non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the foundation has the flexibility to seek, accept, invest, and channel funds without the restrictions imposed on public school districts.  The foundation participates in the no-fee Washington State Education Foundations Network that currently includes twenty public school foundations.

    How Is The Foundation Funded?

         We are funded by a variety of activities including local fundraising activities and donations. Individuals or groups are encouraged to provide funds for specific projects, such as scholarships, or they may choose to give undesignated funds that may be used to meet a broad range of requests. A separate endowment fund has been established to ensure funding far into the future. Large amounts, such as the Dale Wilson and McCallum Family Scholarships, are professionally managed.    

    How Can You Participate?

         The Foundation can accept a variety of gifts.  For more information, please contact any member of the board.