music  Welcome to BAND! 

    Band will provide students with the opportunity to learn and perform music of concert, marching, jazz and pep band styles. Since Band is an elective course, you are making a commitment to the performances and activities of our band when you join this class.

    Grades in Band will be determined by the percentage of points a student earns. Points will be earned for:

    ·        Daily class work at 4 points per day; approximately 180 points per quarter

    (1 point each for daily participation, preparation, attendance, and positive attitude)

    ·         Pep Band: 8 points per game

    ·         Marching band at 15 points per performance

    ·         Concerts at 30 points per performance 

    Daily work will thus be 75% of a student’s grade. Pep band will account for 12.5% of a student’s grade. Concerts and marching band performances will be the remaining 12.5% of your grade. It is possible to earn extra credit by playing in extra pep band events, solo and ensemble festival, honor band, church, or other performances outside of school.

    Here is the Fall Quarter home performance schedule and Band reporting times:

    Sept        8             Thursday               Volleyball              vs            St. John                                  6:00

    Sept        9             Friday                    Football                 vs            Kettle Falls                            6:30

    Sept        16           Friday                    Football                 vs            Reardan                                6:30

    Sept        17           Saturday                Odessa Parade     Bus leaves at 8:30 AM, home Noon hour

    Sept        24           Saturday                 Harrington Parade Bus leaves at 10:15 AM, home Noon hour

    Sept        24           Saturday                 Volleyball              vs            Mary Walker                        1:30


    Oct          6             Thursday               Volleyball              vs            NWC                                      6:00

    Oct          7             Friday                    Football                 vs            LRS                                        6:30

    Oct          11           Tuesday                Volleyball              vs            Kettle Falls                            5:00

    Oct          18           Tuesday                 Volleyball              vs            St George                               6:00

    Oct          20           Thursday               Volleyball              vs            Wilbur/Creston                     6:00

    Oct          21           Friday                    Football                 vs            Liberty (Homecoming)       6:30

    Oct          28           Friday                    Football                 vs            Northwest Christian            6:30

    Uniforms will be checked out to band members for parades. Please see that they are hung up neatly and kept clean. Band members are responsible for their uniform’s condition. There is a cleaning fee for band uniforms due at the end of the year. This means that you won’t have to take them to the cleaners; I will see to it for you. This helps ensure that every uniform is cleaned in a timely manner with fewer hassles for you at the end of the year. Band members will need a pair of all black dress/marching shoes to wear as part of their uniform.

    I am looking forward to another great school year. Band has always been an important part of our school.  Let’s make a lot of great music together and have some fun.