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    Dear Davenport School District Patrons,
    Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you find useful and relevant information.  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our website, please contact me or the District Office at 509-725-1481.
    Special Thank You to our School Board Members
    Serving as a school board director is not always easy.  Sometimes meetings are long and sometimes the issues that the school board needs to address are complex and challenging.  The Davenport community is very fortunate to have a dedicated and caring school board.
    School Board
    School Board members:
    Heather Panke - Chair
    Deanna Fitzpatrick - Vice-Chair
    Kristi Bell - Director
    Brad Sweet - Director
    Gabe Gants - Director 
    School Board Meetings / Materials 
     Our website has a link for you to know when upcoming board meetings will be held. This link also includes information regarding board meeting minutes and agendas as well as links to each board meeting "packet".  Each packet contains a great deal of information including handouts, materials, various reports and a great deal of other information that community patrons may find informational.  To access this information, click on the "School Board Documents" link located under the Announcements heading in the upper right hand corner of our homepage.
    Interested in a School Tour?

    If you have not had a chance to stop by and look at our school facilities, please give me a call at 725-1481 and we can arrange for a personal tour!



    Jim Kowalkowski, Superintendent

    Office Phone: 509-725-1481

    e-mail: jkowalkowski@davenportsd.org