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    Course Overview

    United States History is a survey of American history (pre-colonial through the Civil War and Reconstruction).  Emphasis is placed upon how and why our nation developed over time.

    Higher-level thinking and writing skills are stressed while both primary and secondary sources are utilized. A strong emphasis on geography and current events rounds out the course content.


    Historical Skills

    Skill development goals include chronological thinking and historical comprehension, historical research, analysis and interpretation, recognizing and understanding bias, issues analysis and civic decision-making, and interpreting maps.


    Course Objectives:

    ·         Interpret and reconstruct chronological relationships.

    ·         Analyze cause and effect relationships, including multiple causation.

    ·         Synthesize interrelationships when analyzing cultural events of various epochs.

    ·         Understand and interpret events, issues and developments within and across eras of world


    ·         Investigate and evaluate alternative interpretations of events and personalities in world


    ·         Think critically and creatively.

    ·         Improve writing skills by completing a variety of expository and persuasive pieces.

    ·        Create and defend a thesis with specific supporting data.

    ·         Learn to research using a variety of tools and evaluate the sources used.

    ·         Demonstrate understanding of information and concepts on tests, in graded discussions,

           and in oral presentations.

    ·         Improve skills in interpreting maps, graphs, tables, and charts.


    Materials Needed:

    (1) Your textbook;

    (2) A folder, file, or binder (for keeping returned assignments, homework, study guides, etc…);

    (3) A 1" - 2" three-ring binder with clear-coat pockets on front and back and tab dividers (this will be used for atlas          work);

    (4) Color pencils ( I recommend storing the pencils in a three-hole pencil pouch inside the atlas binder);

    (5) Additional pens and pencils of choice;

    (6) A spiral notebook (for notes);

    (7) A personal book to read.   





    Assignments and Assessments:

    There will be various assignments within units as well as a unit-ending project or exam designed to deepen and assess a student's understanding of the issues covered. There will also be graded discussions.  All submitted work must have the appropriate heading…name, date, period, assignment description.


    Grading Policy:

    The following grading scale will be used:

                A         95%-100%      C          73%-76%

    A-                90%-94%        C-        70%-72%

    B+        87%-89%        D+       65%-69%

    B          83%-86%        D         60%-64%

    B-                 80%-82%        F          59.9% and below

    C+        77%-79%       


    Grades will be assigned based on total points earned.


    Generally the points will fall under four categories:


    1)      Homework…various points per assignment.

    2)      Participation…based on coming to class prepared, utilizing class time, and the like.

    3)      Quizzes.

    4)      Tests and projects.

    5)      Maps/Atlas…I emphasize geography all year long!


    Late work:

    Late work counts for only half the possible points (except in cases of excused absences) unless the student has spoken with me at least one day in advance.. Quizzes and exams given during excused absences must be made up no later than one week after the student's return.


    Redo/Repair Policy:
    A student may redo any assignment, homework or test once. The student will have one week from the date of return to schedule the redo. Redo grade will not exceed 80%. Students must conference with the teacher before being allowed to redo an assignment or test.



    To be successful in this class, you will need to…

    1. Be responsible. Come each day prepared for class:

    · On time – Seated in your desk before the tardy bell.  FOUR tardies will result in in-house suspension.  

    · Homework finished

    · All materials present; notebook, writing utensil, and paper

    · Ready to learn

    2. Always try!

    · Ask for help

    3. Do your best!

    · Effort is the foundation of success

    4. Cooperate with others!

    · Participate in class activities and discussions positively

    · Help out each other without being asked

    5. Respect others!

    · Attentive listening

    · Appreciation/no put-downs!

    6. Be proud!  Your work is a reflection of who you are.

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