• Instructor: Mr. Allen Ewing   Contact: allewing777@gmail.com if you have questions.  Cell number: 389-4219

    The Traffic Safety class will begin Wednesday, February 28, 2018.
    NOTE:  Stop by the high school office today and put yourself on this class list.
    Students 15 1/2 - 16 years of age will be given priority over younger classmates. 
    Registration packets:
    $100 is required when you turn in the registration forms; total cost is $400. 
    Please return packet and $100 down payment by the first night of class.
    When you turn in your forms you must have your PIC number (Personal Identification Code) - see DOL website so we may mark that you can get your permit.  You can then pay the DOL & pickup your permit - no sooner than 10 days before class starts.
    See DOL site for days and times they are open.
    You MUST have your permit in hand by the 1st Monday of class.  Thank you.
Last Modified on February 9, 2018